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Important Changes

I wish to advise you that the ownership of my accounting practice changed in July 2019. With a view towards my retirement the practice was purchased by a colleague, Richard Cumins CA, who will take it forward under the name of Matley Limited.

The important issues for clients, my staff and myself are:

·         Clients will be transferred from my agency with Inland Revenue to the new proprietor (Matley Limited) but we will continue to act for you now and into the future, preparing financial statements and tax returns etc.
·         Diana Phillips, Gael Hansby and Wendy Woods now work for Richard and are available to clients as before.
·         I have accepted a position as an independent contractor to Matley (Richard Cumins) to be involved in the practice and liaise with clients for approximately another 18 months.
·         Our objective is to cause little or no disruption to clients and make this transition as seamless as possible- same people, same work to be done, with a change of location only.
·         We have moved to MATLEY’S (Richard Cumins) established offices at 10 Walker Street, near South City.
·         Matley Limited is a Hamilton based medium sized practice and the access to their resources is a positive for this practice given the increasingly complex world of accounting, tax and other business regulations. You can find Matley on Google at “Matley Accounting Hamilton”.
·         Email addresses and telephone numbers have not changed.
If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you to all my clients for all your support in the past.  It is much appreciated and I have enjoyed the interaction with you over the years and it is not over yet!

Richard and I do welcome new clients and with the bringing together of our two practices we have additional resources for new clients.

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